Psychiatric evaluations offer important insight into any unusual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. At Alicia MHS in Catonsville, Maryland, Alicia Scott-Darden, PMHNP-BC, provides comprehensive evaluations complete with individualized care plans to help you manage your mental health. Call the office for more information on psychiatric evaluations or book your appointment online today.

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What are psychiatric evaluations?

A psychiatric evaluation explores your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to gather information on your mental health. It’s a diagnostic tool that can help identify any underlying diagnoses that could explain some of your unusual behaviors or emotions.

You might opt for a psychiatric evaluation because you notice some changes in yourself or because someone else has recognized a difference in you. After your evaluation, your provider gives you an overview of their findings and can start developing your personalized mental health care plan.

What should I expect during a psychiatric evaluation?

Your psychiatric evaluation happens during a 60-minute session at Alicia MHS. Your provider gives you an assessment that asks many questions about symptoms related to depressed moods, anxiety, and other signs of various mental health conditions.

A complete psychiatric evaluation also touches on your overall medical history. Your provider asks questions about your lifestyle, behaviors, background, and everyday habits.

Your practitioner can also:

  • Rule out certain conditions that might cause your symptoms
  • Predict future concerns with your mental health
  • Start selecting possible treatment options that align with your diagnosis
  • Include you in final decisions about your treatment

Your provider goes into detail about your results before recommending any treatments that may benefit you. This includes supportive therapy and psychiatric medications.

What are the results of psychiatric evaluations?

Once your psychiatric evaluation is complete, your provider assesses your responses and may make a mental health diagnosis if your symptoms meet the criteria. While it’s possible that some of your symptoms might be related to other factors like stress, a psychiatric evaluation can help identify:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorders

Mental health conditions commonly co-occur, and it’s possible you can have multiple diagnoses during your initial psychiatric evaluation. If this is the case, your provider plans their treatment simultaneously and makes sure any medications they prescribe won’t interact negatively.

When you get a psychiatric evaluation at Alicia MHS, you also get a personalized comprehensive treatment plan to address your symptoms and improve your well-being. Call the office or book your psychiatric evaluation online today.