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Alicia MHS is a mental health practice offering detailed evaluations and individualized treatment for clients in Catonsville, Maryland. Led by experienced psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Alicia Scott-Darden, PMHNP-BC, the practice thrives on helping clientss discover the best possible version of themselves by addressing their mental health.

Client’s at Alicia MHS start out with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to gather information on their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The practice encourages clients to express their deepest concerns and to describe their mental state in detail.

Alicia MHS relies on evidence-based practices like medication management and counseling but also encourages clients to adopt healthy self-care habits outside of treatment. These practices help clients learn to prioritize their own needs and improve their mental wellness.

New and returning clients can receive care at Alicia MHS as soon as they need it. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

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